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Formula For Newborns

Give your child the gift of a healthy immune system and countless smiles by feeding them our Baby Formula which contains more than 25 vitamins and micro and macro nutrients.


For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy and breastfeeding puts extra demands on a mother’s health. Make sure that you have the additional nutrients you need to keep your strength up!


Protect Your Infants

Don’t let germs catch your precious little ones with their armor done! Enhance their immune system by giving them our impeccable baby formula!


Health Care

Specially prepared to give your newborn the love, care, attention, and the nutrients they need to grow taller, be stronger, and become smarter!


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About GWC Baby Formula

Naturally 100% Australian

We are operating out of Australia, the GWC Baby Formula team goes out of its way to guarantee that your kids get the nutrients they need to be healthier and stronger!

We’ve designed a comprehensive formula for newborns which is perfect for babies as it’s packed with minerals and vitamins that promote a healthy a immune system.

Quality. Nutrition. Safety. Health.

Exclusively sourced from 100% Australian dairy farms Baby Formula is recognised worldwide for producing the highest quality milk possible for infants, kids and mums-to-be.

We are one of the most reliable suppliers for milk powder in Australia. The GWC team goes out of its way to ensure that our customers get the nutrients they need to grow stronger and feel healthier!

This is why our natural formula for newborns is the perfect formula milk for babies. It’s packed with minerals and vitamins that promote a healthy immune system. Our formula milk takes all the guesswork out of the equation and is guaranteed to give you and your children all the nutrients you need.

Our range includes a formula for pregnant women; infants – 0-6 months; infants – 6-12 months; kid’s care – 1-10 years; and adults’ health care.

Naturally 100% Baby Formula Australian

Our milk is proudly sourced from 100% Australian dairy farms. where cows feed naturally on the pristine, green pastures of country Gippsland, Australia. No artificial feed is given and all cows are certified and BSE free.

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