4 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Newborn Baby formula

//4 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Newborn Baby formula

4 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Newborn Baby formula

It is always advised by the doctors to feed your baby with breast milk in the initial stages of growth. However, it can be difficult sometimes to rely completely on the breast milk. You need to introduce a formula to your baby to manage all the nutritional needs. There are a plenty of options available in the markets. At the same time, a lot of misinformation is there that can confuse the new mothers. You can choose the best newborn baby formula that mimics the composition and nutrients of breast milk to a large extent. This formula has the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals essential for the growth of your baby. Also, they are easy to digest. Choosing it requires a lot of contemplation regarding some essential factors. Here are some important questions to ask before making a selection:

1. What are the Types of Formula?

Several types of infant formula are available in the market. Mostly, they are based on cow’s milk. However, there are some products that use soy proteins. It is always better to consult a doctor and consider the nutritional requirements of your baby to choose the right type. You may ask the doctor regarding the difference between these formulas to make better decisions. Preferably, choose whey-based cow’s milk formula that closely resembles breast milk. However, if the baby is unable to digest lactose or milk proteins, it is advisable to use soy formula.

2. What is in the Brand Names?

When it comes to selection of the best newborn baby formula, you should ask the physician if there is any significant difference between the brands manufacturing the formulas. Usually, they do not differ in terms of their nutrient content. Rather, the main differences are found in the cost and availability. If switching from one formula brand to another, you should first check the content and ingredients. If the baby refuses this formula, speak to your doctor.

3. What are the Additives in a Milk Formula?

Different brands may include specific additives in their formula. The most common additions are prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are essential to creating an environment where healthy bacteria can grow. On the other hand, probiotics are the live bacteria that keep the digestive system healthy.

4. What are Gold Formulas?

Some brands manufacture the gold variety of formula for the newborn babies. This formula contains some fatty acids that lead to healthy growth and development of the brain and eyes. They naturally occur in the breastmilk. This ingredient may not be present in the regular formula brands.

Apart from these, it is important to choose the best formula suitable for the age of your baby. There are starter formulas along with follow-on varieties to meet the different nutritional requirements of the infants.

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