A Guide to Bottle-Feeding your Newborn

//A Guide to Bottle-Feeding your Newborn

A Guide to Bottle-Feeding your Newborn

Weaning your infant off breast milk to embrace baby formula is an intricate process. Yet, it is an important phase preceding the transition your toddler has into consuming solid food.

Peruse through this write-up before you research the best newborn formula in Australia. It is a practical guide to bottle-feeding your newborn.

  1. Set up a feeding area
    When you feed your baby, you shall need to be seated in a calm and comfortable area that is devoid of any disturbances. When it comes to the position, doctors suggest a partially upright posture for your infant. This is recommended as it facilitates swallowing the liquid. You must also ensure that you have sanitized your hands prior to feeding because babies are particularly susceptible to germs and infection.
  2. Avoid microwaving the formulaSeveral parents as well as doctors recommend that you steer clear of heating your child’s formula in the microwave. The sole reason is that the microwave often causes irregular heating. This results in certain hot spots that could scald your little one’s tongue. A lot of children easily prefer to consumer the meal at room temperature. This eliminates the need for heating and then cooling to the temperature right for your infant. Re-heating multiple times can take away the level of nutritive content.

    However, should you wish to give your newborn a lukewarm feeding, you may simply warm the container or bottle you plan to use. Those heating the formula must test the warmth on their wrist prior to feeding their baby.

  3. Observe your newborn’s behaviourA lot of newborns tend to exhibit signs of hunger by attempting to suckle, thumb sucking and even being particularly cranky. While feeding, you must keep a close eye on your newborn to understand when your infant is full. You may have measured the formula or extent of liquid for one feeding. Nevertheless, the ultimate signal is your infant’s behaviour during the feeding.

    It is the simplest method to circumvent instances of overfeeding or underfeeding your ward. A straightforward way to recognize when your little one is full is when he or she easily drifts to sleep.

  4. Focus on burping your infantAs parents you must remember to burp your babies. It is so as to help expel the air they tend to consume along with their meal. Avoiding burping your newborn could cause them to become exceedingly irritable and uneasy. Therefore, you must intersperse your little one’s meal time with ample burp sessions.

    Now that you are aware of the basics of bottle-feeding your infant, you shall need to find the best newborn formula in Australia. Swear by this guide and you are guaranteed a hassle-free routine of happy feeding!

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