What Should You Learn About Baby Formula Brands in Australia?

//What Should You Learn About Baby Formula Brands in Australia?

What Should You Learn About Baby Formula Brands in Australia?

A majority of Australian mothers prefer breastfeeding for their newborns. The proper nutrition of a child is important during the initial years after birth. Therefore, breast milk is always a better option to start with. However, there may be some cases when it is not feasible for the mother to breastfeed her child. This is where baby formula milk finds its relevance. It is a preferred baby food in Australia for infants who are allergic to breast milk and the mothers who are not medically or mentally fit to breastfeed the baby. Many types of formula are available in the markets. This choice can be overwhelming. You need to make the right selection after weighing the pros and cons of each baby formula brand. The main factors to be considered in this regard are as follows:

1. The Proteins in the Formula:

With the adjusted amount of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, cow’s milk-based formulas are the best alternatives to breast milk. They offer a balanced nutrition required by the infants and young kids. An excessive amount of protein in the first few years can cause childhood obesity. This amount can be excessively high in some formula milk brands, if are not balanced with the correct amount of carbohydrates. For example for the infants up to the age of 6 months shouldn’t be given more than 10 grams of proteins per day. Check the protein content before selecting any brand of milk formula for your child.

2. Know About Baby’s Preferences:

Some babies have specific health issues due to which they require specialised milk formula. It is different from the standard cow’s milk-based or soy-based formulas. This type of baby food in Australia should be purchased only with a doctor’s prescription. A specialist will conduct complete diagnosis of your child’s health condition to recommend the best type of formula and total diet plan accordingly. The types of specialised milk formulas include Hydrolysed Formula, Hypo-Allergenic Formula, Amino Acid Formula, and Lactose-Free Formula.

3. The Probiotics and Prebiotics:

Many types of terms are given on the label of baby formula brand. It may be hard to understand all of them. In most of the reputed brands, prebiotics is used as a major ingredient. This component makes a proper environment in the gut to support the growth of good bacteria. It helps in improving digestive and colon health of your child by providing the essential nutrients. Some formulas are also marketed as Gold Formulas. They have special fats like long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are naturally found in mother’s milk. The same fats are replicated in Gold Formula to promote healthy growth of brain and eyes.

As a matter of fact, you should always check the ingredients of a milk formula and ensure that they have permissible limits of fillers or thickeners. It will help in making better informed decisions for your child.

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