Baby Formula Preparation: What Temperature Should Be The Water?

//Baby Formula Preparation: What Temperature Should Be The Water?

Baby Formula Preparation: What Temperature Should Be The Water?

Parents want to make sure their little angels receive a complete meal but skipping on some safety guidelines and hygienic standards can put your baby in the harm’s way.

Babies are vulnerable to germs and bacteria attacks, which is why parents should be extra cautious when preparing food for them. Keep reading the safest way to prepare a healthy and wholesome formula bottle for your baby.


Baby formula is usually bought in bulk, because parents want to be prepared to meet the growing baby’s needs. Check the expiration date before you use a formula can. Needless to say, avoid using expired formula. Once satisfied with formula quality, wash your hand and begin bottle preparation.

Sterilized bottles

New bottles should be sterilized before use. Submerge new bottles, nipples, and feeding equipment in boiling water for 5 minutes, or use an electronic steam sterilizer.

Clean used/old bottles with hot-soapy water. Use a bottle-cleaning brush to reach the hard-to-get space in the bottles and nipples. If the bottles are dish-washer-safe, use the washer to perform the cleaning task. Next, let them air dry.

Water temperature

Start with cold tap water. According to experts, hot-tap water should be avoided for formula making, as it may have lead content.

Water may get exposed to lead content when stored in water heater. This increases the chance of lead poisoning. Use cold tap water. Let the tap run for a while and use the fresh flowing water to prepare a bottle.

If you aren’t satisfied with the purity of the water, boil it until you start seeing bubbles. Let the boiled water cool down but use it within 30 minutes.

The water used for bottled milk should be at a 70°C temperature. This allows the formula to mix properly and prevents scalding.

Measure and pour

Read the instructions given with the baby formula and measure the exact amount of powder. Pour the powder in the water and mix gently. Check the temperature of the milk by testing few drops on the inside of your wrist. If the temperature is too warm for your baby, place the bottle under cool running water. Clean the bottle from the outside and feed your baby.


Leftover formula milk should be consumed within 2-hours of preparation. Refrigerate the leftovers and place it under hot-water, before giving it to the baby. If the baby doesn’t finish the bottle within 2-hours, discard it.

Attention to minor details, like washing your hands or sterilizing the nipples, can save your baby from harmful bacteria and germs. Use organic baby formula rich in essential minerals and vitamins to save your baby from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

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