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Nurturing the Future of Australia

Who can’t help but love newborns? They bring so much joy to the families they come into, and become the centre of their lives for so many years.

Every couple wants to take the best care of their babies. They want them to have the cutest toys, the softest clothes and blankies, and all the love they deserve. Part of this is ensuring that they are given the right food to help them become healthy and strong.

While breastfeeding is a great option for mothers who choose to do so, there are a few other options out there that do best by the love and joy of your life if the milk is either not enough or not available.

At GWC Baby Formula, we’ve spent so many years toiling and tinkering away, putting all of our passion into creating the perfect baby formula for Australian children. As a team that has so many parents in it, we were driven by the love we have for our own little bubs.

The first conversation that was had about what we wanted to achieve with our formula led to three things:

  • Nourish and fortify newborns’ muscles and immune systems
  • Only use Australian products so we can ensure the quality of our products at every single step
  • Jampack our formula with all the essential vitamins and minerals babies need

We have faith that what we came up with surpassed even those expectations. This is by far the best baby formula that you can get for your child.

When you’re sourcing all your formula ingredients from the country you’re making it in, it means that they have a freshness to them that you can’t find otherwise. The main milk powder components are sourced exclusively from 100% dairy farms in Australia. We do rigorous validations of health standards at these farms.

What’s more, GWC understands that at different stages of a baby’s growth, they require different levels of different nutrients. We have formulas available for every stage of a baby’s growth cycle. The Follow-on formulas augment the first one by adjusting the vitamin, mineral, protein, and calcium to suit the changing bone and muscle development rates of a child.

All of this is the result of years of painstaking scientific research about babies—we played with a bunch of bubs!—and how they grow, what their bodies need, etc.

How To Choose The Right Baby Formula | GWC Baby Formula

The Formulas

At GWC Baby Formula, we’re constantly doing what we can to produce powder milk formulas for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Here are the formulas we currently have available:

GWC Newborn Premium Formula Step 1 (0 – 6 Months)

We’ll admit that this is the one we’re most proud of. Our infant formula is how we started this journey; it eases babies into natural digestion, protects them against all sorts of germs, bacteria, and viruses by nourishing their immune system, all the while being something that infants actually love consuming. We’ve received so many effusive mails about the glee parents see on their child’s face as they have our baby formula.

Newborns need all the proteins and vitamins they can get, and our formula is chock-full of them.

Getting the initial stages right is crucial. Giving them the best baby formula will set them up for a life full of happiness and health, something that every parent wants for their child.


GWC Infant Premium Formula Step 2 (6 – 12 Months)

Our popular Follow-on formula is everything the initial formula is, but supercharged for your infant. It’s still 100% organic, easy on an infant’s digestion, and tastes great to them!

We’ve also added more vitamins and minerals to this formula that targets the burgeoning brain and eye development that’s happening at this stage of your baby’s life.

Healthy babies can more than triple their weight at this time of their lives! This means that you need to make sure they have the nourishment they require to achieve that.


GWC Toddler Premium Formula Step 3 (12 – 36 Months)

Congratulations! Your baby is now a toddler. Where did the time go? Before you know it, they’re going to start crawling and walking everywhere, with you chasing after them.

While these times can get tiring, it’s still important to remember that because toddlers move around so much more; their bones and muscles need to be able to support them.

A lot of them are also teething by this point and require extra calcium and protein as a result. Do right by them in these times with our amazing Toddler formula.


There’s More Coming!

We’ve heard all the parents who are asking for more. Step 4—our Junior Formula—is launching very soon! Check back for more details in the next few months.