Best Bottle-Feeding Tips to Follow for Your Newborn Baby

//Best Bottle-Feeding Tips to Follow for Your Newborn Baby

Best Bottle-Feeding Tips to Follow for Your Newborn Baby

When you want to bottle-feed your baby, it takes some practice. One appropriate method to make this transition comfortable for both yourself and the baby. It becomes essential when your baby can’t feed directly. You can either give her the expressed breast milk or choose to feed your baby with infant formula. The latter is the only and the safest alternative to human milk. Before starting to bottle feed your baby, you should choose the best formula milk for newborn to suit your child’s needs. If your budget allows you to try and start with about 3 to 8 bottles and all the equipment required for the feeding. Here are a few important factors that you should consider about safe bottle feeding of a newborn child.

Test the Flow of Milk:

It is needless to say that you should properly sterilise the equipment and bottles before preparing every meal. After sterilising Warm the water to normal temperature and mix the recommended quantity of formula into the bottle. Now, test the flow of formula by holding the bottle upside down. The milk should drip steadily without pouring out. If you need to shake the bottle vigorously, it means that the flow may be too slow and baby might go to sleep before finishing the milk. You need a perfect teat to ensure a proper flow of milk for each child and ages.

Give the Bottle Properly:

Cuddle the baby and hold him or her gently. Put the teat on her lips and she will start sucking it immediately. You should keep the bottle tilted at a proper angle. If the baby slows down the sucking or has finished half the milk, you can remove the bottle gently and try to burp the baby. After this process, you can again offer the bottle. If your baby has switched from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, they may find it hard to pace with it. Apart from finding the best formula milk for newborn, you should try paced-feeding for some babies. It entails holding the baby in an upright position and allowing him or her to rest after a few minutes this may need to be repeated throughout the feed.

What to Do with Unfinished Bottle?

Sometimes, the babies go to sleep while feeding from the bottle. You should try to wake her up gently. Never offer her a bottle until the baby is completely awake. If they refuse to drink more, do not force the child to finish the milk. Wait for an hour and discard the formula if remains unused after that period. It is never wise to store half-empty bottles for later use as they may contain contamination over that time.

Do Not Bottle-Feed in Bed:

There are several risks for the babies who bottle-feed in bed. They are prone to choking when they fall asleep and liquid draws into their lungs. Also, there are risks of tooth decay and ear infections in such babies. So, you should avoid this practice completely.

Follow these tips for safely bottle-feeding a newborn child.

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