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Best Infant Formula

Buy the best infant formula in Australia to ensure that your newborn grows and develops into a healthy infant

Breast feeding is the best source of nutrition for babies and it is highly recommended for the first 12 months of your baby’s life. When breast milk is unavailable and breastfeeding is not an option, then GWC Baby Formula is the ideal suitable option. We provide a range of infant milk powder in Australia.

GWC Baby Formula is one of the most popular infant formula brands in Australia, we ensure that our nutritional ingredients are suitable for each stage of your child’s life. We specialise in formulating nutritional milk powders for health and wellness, from an infant to a toddler to a child of 10 years.

How the best infant formula is prepared?

Our professional staff is committed to carefully choosing the nutrients used to prepare baby formula. The milk is obtained from 100% healthy Australian cows at dairy farms where they graze freely on Gippsland pastures. Each cow is identified by the National Livestock Identification Scheme.

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Order online the best infant formula in Australia for your baby, or call us for information at: +612 6171 2880.