Choosing the Best Infant Formula in Australia

//Choosing the Best Infant Formula in Australia

Choosing the Best Infant Formula in Australia

When it comes to the nourishment of your infant, breastfeeding is definitely the best option. You should prefer a balanced diet full of essential nutrients that your child requires in the initial growth years. When the mother cannot breastfeed her child, it is advisable to opt for the best infant formula in Australia. There is a wide range of formulas available in the markets. You should understand the terms and gear required for formula feeding your baby. The Australian Infant Feeding Guidelines recommend using cow’s milk-based formulas in the first 12 months of age. There are specific regulations and guidelines to be followed according to the medical conditions of your baby. All the baby products in Australia should meet the standards specified in Food Standards Code.

Comparing the Baby Formulas:

The best infant formulas are aimed to provide the right nutrition and safety to the children. But, not all formulas are made equal. There are many issues to be considered for making the right selection. You should ideally start by talking to a health professional. You should make informed decisions about the ingredients and additives used in an infant formula in Australia. Here, you should compare the brands and their base formula.

Formulas as Per the Stages:

Usually, the formula for the newborn babies begin with stage or step one. These are suitable for 0-12 months while some formulas are marketed for 0-6 months of age. On completion of this stage, you need to buy a follow-on formula meant for babies aged 6-12 months. When babies are introduced to second level of formula, they may exhibit some problems like early rising, vomiting, or night waking. You should choose the right product after consulting a doctor to avoid these conditions. The ratio of casein and whey can be slightly high in follow-on stages.

The stage one formula consists of whey and casein in the ratio of 60:40. This amount is quite similar to the breast milk and is suitable for your baby from 0-14 months. They are easier to digest and suit most of the babies.

Stage Two or Follow-on formula consists of casein to whey in a high ratio of 80:20. This formula takes a little longer to digest but, it is not suitable for the babies having casein sensitivity.

Main Types of Baby Formula:

Most of the babies are suggested to be fed with cow’s milk-based formula. A majority of products are based on cow’s milk. They are modified to adjust the levels of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

The babies allergic to cow’s milk are recommended hydrolysed protein formula in which protein is broken into smaller quantities for easy digestions.

Another option is soy-based formula made from soya beans. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to make suitable for the infants.

Consider all these points for the right selection.

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