Exploring the Composition of the Best Baby Formula

//Exploring the Composition of the Best Baby Formula

Exploring the Composition of the Best Baby Formula

There are stringent regulations in Australia regarding the composition of infant formulas. As such, they are safe and help in sustaining a healthy development of an infant during the first 12 months of life. More than 80% mothers resort to a baby formula during the first year of their child’s life. Hence, this market offers a lot of varieties for catering to their diverse needs. The most popular baby formula brands add some extra nutrients to provide a balanced nourishment to the babies. However, you need to understand the ingredients and the composition of a formula to make a right selection.

Iron Content of the Formula:

Most of the doctors recommend using an iron-fortified formula for a sustainable growth of the babies. The level of iron content in the formulas is regulated by Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The normal term babies require a minimum of 1 mg iron per kg of their weight in a day while the pre-term babies should be given at least 2 mg per kg of their weight. It depends on the individual needs of a child.

Protein Content of the Formula:

Basically, cow’s milk-based formulas are recommended for the proper growth and development of the infants. These formulas are adjusted for the level of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in their composition. It makes them closer to breast milk for the nourishment of babies.

The content of protein should be optimal to avoid the problems of childhood obesity. There are some baby formula brands having extremely high levels of proteins when compared to the breast milk. As per the dietary guidelines in Australia, you should choose a low-protein formula after comparing the most popular baby formula brands.

Carbohydrate Content of the Formula:

In the breast milk, lactose is the predominant source of carbohydrates. It is easily digestible to the baby’s immature digestive system. You should preferably choose the top brands using lactose in the composition of their formulas. As a matter of fact, you should completely avoid the formulas enriched with corn syrup that can cause severe side effects on the babies.

Fat Content of the Formula:

In the baby formulas, palm oil and coconut oil are the common sources of fats. The fats are available in a blend that resembles the fatty acid profile of breast milk. In this regard, palm olein oil shouldn’t be given to pre-term babies. Coconut oil can be easily absorbed by the body due to medium chain triglycerides that it contains. Some brands may have additional source of fatty acids like ARA and DHA to mimic the composition of breast milk.

Apart from these, there are additives like prebiotics and probiotics added to some formula brands to make them healthier for the babies. Always choose an ideal mix in the composition.

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