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Enriched nutrition for Vitality, Strength, Illness & Recovery

As our body grows, so do our nutritional needs. In order to ensure that their children always get the nutrients that they need, parents need to closely monitor their diet. This can be extremely hard considering most meals we eat don’t come with a nutrition chart.

This is where our healthy smoothies for kids come into the picture. Designed for people of all ages, our premium product gives you all the vital nutrients you need to maintain strength, energy and a healthy immune system.

Our smoothies will help your children maintain their bone strength, increase their muscle mass and even goes a long way to promote healthy cell growth. These low-sodium, high vitamin D smoothies also sport 22 vitamins and minerals essential for your general well-being!


Product Benefits:

  • 22 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Gluten free
  • Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D & Magnesium added
  • Low in sodium
  • Low GI formulation
  • Easy digestion & absorption
  • Low GI to regular sugar levels and insulin response
  • High vitamin D
  • Delicious taste
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When is the GWC Health Care Formula ideal to consume?

  • Suffering from a loss of appetite
  • Need a balanced diet
  • Intake is reduced due to illness or surgery
  • Weight loss has occurred
  • Increased energy levels

You can either consume Health Care formula as a drink or make a smoothie with fruit. It is a suitable meal support or supplement, in situations where eating solid food is difficult. We always recommend you to use our formula after consultation with a professional healthcare specialist.