Healthy Alternatives to Sugar for Toddlers and Kids

//Healthy Alternatives to Sugar for Toddlers and Kids

Healthy Alternatives to Sugar for Toddlers and Kids

There’s no debating the fact that cane sugar is extremely unhealthy for people, especially children. Not only does it weaken the immune system, but it also raises the blood’s sugar levels which leaves us vulnerable to obesity and Type 2 Diabetes!

This is why we must turn our kids away from refined sugar before they develop an unhealthy dependence for the compound. Here are 5 amazing alternatives to sugar that not only taste good but come with unbelievable perks.

1. Natural Honey:

As far as sweeteners are concerned, nothing packs a punch quite like organic honey. As it’s extracted from bee hives, it has no chemical modifications whatsoever and remains 100% natural.

Apart from tasting really sweet, Mother Nature has also added countless health benefits to honey. First and foremost, organic honey contains a healthy dose of nutritious minerals and vitamins including (but not limited to) copper, calcium, potassium, riboflavin, and niacin, etc.

Furthermore, natural honey also has impeccable healing properties and can be used to treat bouts of cough, asthma, and even hay fever!

2. Maple Syrup:

Turns out, everyone’s favorite topping for pancakes also comes with unmatched health benefits. Medical research has concluded that maple syrup contains a high concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols that can prevent serious medical conditions like cancer.

So, give your kid’s immune system a much-needed boost by opting for maple syrup instead of pancake syrup. Furthermore, you can even use maple syrup for baking as a direct replacement of powdered cane sugar.

3. Mashed Fruits:

A simple yet effective fix to your child’s dependence on unhealthy cane sugar is mashed organic fruit. This pureed or mashed fruits contain fiber which boosts the digestive system and enhances your child’s metabolism.

Furthermore, mashed fruits are much healthier than fruit juice as it contains the protein that is removed when making fruit juice. Also, the former doesn’t include additives like cane sugar which make it an ideal choice.

4. Organic Agave:

The syrup extracted from the agave plant has a relatively low Glycemic Index (GI) which makes it an ideal replacement for cane sugar.

While you might think that its low GI of 36 (out of 100) makes it a poor alternative to cane sugar but don’t let the numbers fool you as this unconventional syrup packs quite a punch and is sweet enough to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth!

5. GWC Baby Formula:

All the other items on this list are suitable for toddlers and kids above the age of 3. However, nothing on this list has been developed specially for infants. This is where GWC Baby Formula comes in.

We’ve created a premium infant formula that contains all the nutrients and minerals needed for newborns, which make it the ideal alternative to cane sugar. Furthermore, our baby formula enhances a child’s immune system which reduces their vulnerability to serious diseases and facilitates growth.

Contact us today to learn more about how your child stands to benefit from formula milk for newborns.

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