How to Shield Your Kids from the Common Cold

//How to Shield Your Kids from the Common Cold

How to Shield Your Kids from the Common Cold

Though the common cold is just what the name says; common it can be a serious bother when your children fall ill. A young child with the common cold is a real ask when it comes to care. Further, if your kid is of school going age, a cold might mean missing out on a few days. In any case, wouldn’t we rather our little lovelies stay happy and healthy?

If the answer to the question above is ‘yes’, we’re going to go over some of the things you can do to keep those young ones cold free!

Shielding Your Kids from the Cold

There are a few steps you can take that are scientifically proven to be effective ways to keep your children cold free. Here are some of them.

Don’t Push those Immunities

Sure it is good for children growing up to get a little exposure here and there in order to strengthen their immune systems. This being said, it would be unwise to needlessly push the envelope. For this reason, if you have a relative or know someone is ill with a particularly vicious cold or influenza strain, it might be best to direct your young ones away from them.


Personal Hygiene

Minding personal hygiene is the next important step in ensuring your kids are shielded from coming down with a cold. Germs have a strange way of getting around. Those associated with colds can latch on to skin and clothing items before they proceed to infect. Washing regularly, changing after school and generally being particular about personal hygiene is yet another way to safeguard your kids against colds!

Rest is Important

Have you ever had an experience where you were deprived of sleep and seemed to be coming down with a cold? You would have noticed that a good night’s sleep often relieves you of your symptoms. It’s no different with kids. Rest, sleeping in particular helps revitalize our immune systems. Exhaustion does the opposite. Make sure the lovelies rest and get their 8 hours of sleep and you should be good!


Just as important as adequate rest, is exercise. Children who exercise develop healthier and stronger immune systems. This doesn’t mean you send them off to the nearest gym. Even a little outdoor activity like running around in the yard or walking the dog will do just fine! Just remember, regular exercise is yet another great way to shield your kids from a cold!


Last but not least, nutrition is extremely important, both for your immune system and for fighting off infections or sickness when contracted. Apart from providing your kids with a balanced diet, it makes sense to back it up with a nutrition and growth formula for kids. These formulas provide just the nourishment your children need to stay healthy, happy and cold free!


Like we said, though colds maybe common, they really are a bother; hence you’re best off safeguarding your families and loved ones in the ways mentioned above.

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