Is Formula A Good Alternative for Breast Milk?

//Is Formula A Good Alternative for Breast Milk?

Is Formula A Good Alternative for Breast Milk?

Almost every new mother is perplexed by this question when she needs to give formula to her newborn child. The formula milk has emerged as a potential alternative to human breast milk. Almost all the products sold as infant formula in Australia are made as per Australian standards. Hence, they are safe and effective to feed your baby. However, you may be overwhelmed by the varieties available in this product. As a parent, you would want to choose the best formula for breastfed babies in Australia. If chosen rightly, it can lead to a healthy growth with complete nutrition.

What Makes Formula a Better Alternative to Breast Milk?

The formula milk is available in different types and ingredients to suit the specific health requirements of an infant. You can choose cow’s milk-based formula for almost every baby unless your child is allergic to the lactose found in this milk. There are many more factors that make a difference to your selection.

Availability of Different Types:

As mentioned above, the formula milk for infants is available in varied types that include cow’s milk for the normal health conditions, goat’s milk-based formula for babies allergic to proteins of cow’s milk, hydrolysed formula for babies with an intolerance to cow’s milk and soy formula for babies allergic to lactose.

A soy-based formula is modified with essential nutrients that closely resemble the normal formula milk. You can choose it for cultural and religious reasons as well. Apart from all these, there are specialised infant formulas for the babies having special needs. They can prevent many critical and chronic illnesses in the infants.

Availability of Healthy Ingredients:

Mostly, the baby formulas have standard ingredients for normal growth of the babies. Some of the best formula for breastfed babies in Australia also contains additional ingredients like prebiotics and probiotics for making this product a viable option for the infants.

Prebiotics help in creating a proper environment in the gut for the growth of healthy bacteria while probiotics are the good bacteria that your baby needs for a healthy digestive system. Also, some brands manufacture gold formulas enhanced with LCPUFA or long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are required for healthy brain and eyes. Whatever formula you choose, it is essential to follow the proper method of feeding the baby with adequate servings in every meal.

How Should You Make a Selection?

The selection of formula milk should be made depending on the specific health conditions of your infant. You should seek expert advice when giving formula to your breastfed child. Even when changing the type of baby formula, ask the doctors for the best product that will suit your baby and lead to a healthy growth. It is always better to be an informed parent when it comes to selecting the source of nutrition for your child.

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