The Dos and Don’ts of Baby Formula Storage

//The Dos and Don’ts of Baby Formula Storage

The Dos and Don’ts of Baby Formula Storage

Using formula milk is often the most convenient and recommended option for new mothers. As easy as the preparation might seem though, there are quite a few things one needs to be mindful about when going this route, especially regarding the storage.

Here are a few dos and don’ts you should know to make the process safe and easy:

Don’t use the first brand of infant formula you see in the store. Be aware of what you’re purchasing and get only that which is highly nourishing and safe for your baby.

Do make an informed decision about the type of formula you need for your baby. Consult an expert if you’re confused and opt for the best available option.

Don’t disregard what’s written on the packaging. Take note of the instructions to prepare and store formula before you open the can.

Do make sure the expiry isn’t too close to your day of purchase. If there are any specific storage instructions mentioned, keep those in mind once you begin using it.

Don’t use a microwave to warm the milk. Doing so can create hot spots in the milk that can burn your baby’s mouth while drinking.

Do put the bottle in a pan of hot water after first removing it from the heat source. Alternately, you can run warm to hot water over the bottle for a few minutes to increase the milk’s temperature.

Don’t use formula that has been sitting at room temperature for more than one hour. Discard the contents of the bottle and make a new batch for the next feed.

Do allow the temperature of the milk to cool down to room temperature before feeding your baby, based on his preference. However, make sure that you don’t leave it outside for longer than an hour.

Don’t freeze the formula. While freezing breastmilk is not uncommon, for formula milk there is no need as you can simply make it on the spot. If transporting bottles containing formula is required, use ice packs to safely store the milk.

Do store formula in a refrigerator. A cool place is exactly where you need to store the milk for it to remain usable. However, be sure to discard it after 24 hours.

Don’t reuse leftover or unused formula from a previous feeding. While this is to be especially applied if the leftover is over two hours old, it is generally discouraged to use the leftover feed regardless. There is a chance that bacteria may have formed since the last feeding, and exposing your baby to it can make him sick.

Do prepare fresh formula for each feeding, following the instructions provided on the package. In order to avoid wastage, make just as much as the required amount depending on your baby’s usual intake.

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