Three Reasons Why Babies Cry (and How to Soothe Them)

//Three Reasons Why Babies Cry (and How to Soothe Them)

Three Reasons Why Babies Cry (and How to Soothe Them)

Crying – that’s how babies enter this world and pretty much all they do for the ensuing 4 months (aside from being insanely adorable).

It makes sense, because crying is a baby’s only way to tell if he/she needs something or if something’s wrong. Your newborn baby is fully dependent on you, so if they want something, they’re going to try their hardest to make sure to be heard.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or it’s your third baby, hearing them is one of the most distressing sounds in the world, even science backs it up!  For the mother, hearing their baby cry can evoke feelings of helplessness, inadequacy, uneasiness, panic, and anxiety.

You most definitely cannot Google Translate your way out of this one but here’s what their crying might possibly mean:

1. A Hungry Baby

One of the most common reasons for a baby’s crying is because they’re hungry (“hangry” is for real!) Everyone can get a little cranky on an empty stomach; the same goes for our little ones. They can go from calm and peaceful to frantic crying and fist-hurling in a matter of minutes.

When the body’s glucose levels drop, the brain perceives it as a life-threatening situation, prompting us to do something in order to get nutrition. For babies, this usually means crying so that their mothers can hear them. If it’s a low-pitched, rhythmic, and repetitive cry, time for food!

2. A Sleepy Baby

While us grown-ups can fall asleep the minute we hit the bed, the same can’t be said for babies. Like a lot of other things, sleeping is a learned skill. A newborn infant doesn’t develop circadian rhythm till around 4 months. If your baby is tired and needs a nap, parents are going to have to get them to sleep. Regulating a proper sleep schedule is essential to ensuring your baby is well-rested. Swaddling, rocking motions, or singing a lullaby will help.

3. Dirty Diapers

While some babies can lie in wet or soiled diapers for hours without a single care in the world, others will cry their lungs out to if they face any discomfort for even a second (who can blame them). If your baby is not hungry or sleepy, then take a quick peek in the diaper or a quick ‘sniff test’ will do too. Remember to change diapers regularly so that the baby doesn’t develop diaper rash.

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