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Six Great Tips for Bottle-Feeding Your Baby

Bottle-feeding your baby is an opportunity to enjoy a special closeness with him/her. Your baby will be able to gaze up at you and you can maintain eye-contact with your little one as well. Eye contact is one of the first forms of contact between a mother and her infant. It makes your baby feel attuned to you, and helps you mirror or respond to his/her earliest communications and feelings. Make the most of this opportunity to bond with your bundle of joy, and keep these tips in mind too!

  1. Dispose any formula left over in the bottle at the end of every feed. Reusing it during the next feed is quite risky as external conditions can potentially contaminate the formula. With just one suck, bacteria or other harmful contaminants may make their way into your baby’s system.
  2. Bin unconsumed formula 24 hours after it has been prepared. Formula is intended to be fed immediately to babies. Here again, bacteria can grow in infant formula that has been sitting around in your fridge for too long.
  3. Baby formula must be keep as cold as possible. The back of the fridge, which is its coldest part, is the ideal place to store the formula. Moms find it convenient to prepare a feed, keep it in the fridge and heat it up when needed. Nothing like warm formula to make your baby feel soothed and nourished.
  4. Don’t want to waste formula? Keep sterilized bottles with boiled water handy, heat the water and simply add the formula just before you’re ready to feed. This is a particularly useful ‘baby feeding hack’ for busy moms with a hectic schedule!
  5. Invest in a few formula dispensers to carry around when you’re out with your baby. They are available at the supermarket as well as online. Formula dispensers have different compartments and can hold three to four feeds’ worth of formula. Just carry bottles of boiled water, and have a café or service station boil the water for you. Make sure that the bottle is in good shape and the water stays sealed in throughout the journey. When it’s feeding time, add the heated water and get about your business.
  6. Don’t let your baby go to be bed with a bottle. Formula (and milk) have been seen to cause tooth decay, even when the first one or two have just started sprouting.