What Not to Do When Adding Solid Foods to Your Baby’s Diet

//What Not to Do When Adding Solid Foods to Your Baby’s Diet

What Not to Do When Adding Solid Foods to Your Baby’s Diet

Out of the many milestones of baby hood, first steps, first words that first switch from liquid/semi-solid to solid food is a big one!

Once again, if you’re not a first time parent, you might already have a sense of what you need to do. For those of you new to parenting, we’ve got some pointers you might find useful!

Adding Solid Foods and What not to do

When starting with the addition of solids to your baby’s food, there are ways to go about it and things you should avoid. We’re going to go over some of the things you should not do when making this important transition.


The first thing you need to avoid when starting up on solids with your little one is rushing. When it comes to babies, there is such a thing as the ideal time. On an average this is usually past the four month mark.

Starting your little one on solids before this, is an extremely bad idea. This is because your child’s immune system is not yet fully developed and their ability to digest is also weaker than an older child. Feeding solids at this stage puts strain on the body and is a risk. Always wait till you cross the four month mark before starting solids and don’t rush!


The opposite of the above is delaying the process of introducing solids. Where four months old is the earliest recommended starting point, however putting things off even after your child crosses the seven or eight month mark is also a bad idea.

Research suggests that children who take too long shifting to solids have trouble with digestion and food later in life. Further, this could also lead to numerous nutritional deficiencies.

Not Planning

Now just because you’re shifting to solids doesn’t mean you can get careless with your child’s diet. It is important to make sure you give your children the nourishment they need and avoid loading them with the wrong food items (like those high in sugar). Do not ignore the nutritional content of your child’s food as the child is still growing and will need the right nourishment to develop in a healthy way.

You can also look into nutritional supplements like growth formula for kids that helps back up the nutritional content of the food being eaten!

Winding Down

There are numerous other things you could keep in mind when it comes to making that solid food transition however, the most pertinent are already up there! Those of you looking for baby formula milk and other nutritional formulas for infants and kids here down under can always check in with us! Happy feeding lovelies!

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