What to Look For in Infant Formula

//What to Look For in Infant Formula

What to Look For in Infant Formula

While all parents want to take better care of their infants, there are very few who have the time to actually research what nutrients their children need. This leads to parents buying the first formula milk they see in the departmental store even though it may not be the best option for their infants.

To help parents out, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that details all you need to look for as far as buying infant formula is concerned.

1.    Minerals:

Your young ones can consume essential minerals via healthy  and premium quality infant formula milk that boast a blend of the minerals that facilitate growth and development in infants.

So, if you’re about to pick up your first can of baby formula from the aisle, make sure that it has a healthy amount of the following minerals

  • Iron: Make no mistake about it; iron is essential natural growth and development in babies. In fact, this element is so important that its deficiency in the human body can lead to a range of risks ranging from developmental delays to learning problems.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the infant formula that you eventually opt for has iron present in it. Look for iron salts (like phosphates) as the body positively reacts to them and can easily digest them

  • Fluoride: Granted newborns don’t require fluoride as soon as they’re born; infants over the age of six months need the chemical to develop teeth. Furthermore, fluoride also helps babies grow stronger and enhances development in infants.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is important because it enables the heart to maintain a consistent rhythmand also maintains bone strength. Furthermore, the element also boosts the immune system as it facilitates muscle and nerve function.

2.    Vitamins

If you’re about to buy baby formula for your infants make sure that it has a lot of vitamins.

In fact, vitamin D is so important that its deficiency can cause rickets – a horrible medical condition that causes the softening and the weakening of human bones.

Unfortunately, breast milk doesn’t contain enough Vitamin D which means that you must look at other sources to keep your child’s vitamin D levels up. A simple way of doing so is by opting for an infant formula that has a sufficiently high dosage of the vitamin.

3.    Other Nutrients:

Apart from minerals and vitamins, other nutrients are also important to boost your child’s immune system. In particular, your kids’ bodies need a healthy dose of taurine, skim milk solids, milk fat, lactose, lutein, and monophosphate disodium salt to keep their strength up.

If you’re looking for a premium baby formula that has all these nutrients in spades then look no further than GWC Baby Formula. Our product is specially designed to give infants the nutrients they need to grow stronger, be healthier, and feel stronger.

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